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How to Contact Us (Support)

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Few things to follow so you can get faster and better support:

  • We offer 24/7 live chat support, just press on the Green Chat button, located at the bottom right side and talk to us in matter of minutes 🙂  

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE GREEN SUPPORT CHAT BUTTON: We noticed some people do not see the green button. This would indicate you have Ad Blocker or your browser is blocking the support popup chat. Please disable Adblocker and/or other blocking addons to be able to access the support chat. If you use Brave Browser, please disable the Brave Shields for our website, and the support button will be shown to you. Lastly, you may try on a different device such as smartphone. Or try with a new browser. If you still can not see the button, feel free to reach us on support@ballinhoop.com but expect longer reply times than the live chat.

  • Support is here for all your questions, please use support as the main contact with us, we are more than happy to answer your concerns, general questions and help in any way possible, we are here for you ❤️ 
  • If asking for HWID reset please make sure you provide us with your Key (and username where applicable) 
  • this way we can get this done for you faster.
  • Always check the status page to make sure your hack is not in updating stages when you have issues with it.
  •  For most problems you are having we will be asking for screenshots of the steps, if you can provide this beforehand you will save yourself some time.

Follow the photo below to find support button (this can be located on every page of the site) sometimes it takes 10-20 seconds to appear so please be patient 

Untitled design-2.png

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