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Ballin Hoop
  •          Ballin Hoop Resellers

    Ballin Hoop is one of the largest suppliers of game software for resellers.

    Benefits of partnering with Ballin Hoop are:


    1. Professional support from our account managers

    2. Increase your margins as you grow larger with our tiered pricing structure

    3. Get on top of the food chain, get the industry's best products at the best pricing

    What we are looking for:

     1. Understanding the services we sell 
    Able to handle the support of your customers yourself

    To make your request, send a message on the support chat with the first message line being "RESALE REQUEST". 

    After getting through to a supporter, the supporter will forward your message to an admin.







    The message may include: 

    1. Name/username
    2. Where you want to resell (What region, what site, what way do you plan on getting customers etc)
    3. Your abilities on how to use the services we offer
    4. Have you sold anything prior as a reseller?
    5. Estimated sales
    6. A link for the site and a plan for your marketing.
    7. Information about your business, the way it works and the way you wish for it to develop

    We have the following restrictions:

     1. May only be sold on sites/channels we approve. 

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