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Ballin Hoop

BattleField V Exclusive Version 1.0.0

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Support Windows Version 8-11 Disc

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Feature List
Name ESP (Identify the enemy by name)
Vehicle Name ESP (Shows enemy vehicle names)
Box ESP (2D / 3D) (The style how the box looks like)
Bone ESP (Shows you the bones of the enemies as skeleton)
Soldier Hitbox ESP (Draws 3D Boxes around the hitboxes of the players)
Display Friends (from the cheats's friend list)
Display Enemys (from the cheats's enemy/shit list)
Line ESP (Draws lines from soldiers to the bottom of your screen)
Distance ESP (Shows how far away the enemy is)
Health ESP (Displays the enemies health)
View ESP (Shows where the players are looking at)
Weapon ESP (Shows what weapon an enemy is carrying)
Enemy Only (Enable ESP only for enemies)
2D Radar (Displays a 2D ESP map)
Aimbot (on foot and in vehicle)
AutoAim (Lets the aimbot aim completely automatically)
Auto-Shoot (Shoot when aimbot is locked on)
Aim FOV (Lock on to enemies within a certain part of screen)
Smooth Aim (Slows down the aimbot movement)
Stick on target (Stay locked on to a particular enemy)
Aim bone (Head/Chest/Pelvis/Random)
Aim Bone Scan (Scan for visible parts of an enemy)
Priority aim at Enemylist (The Aimbot will prefer the enemys on the list)
Don't aim at Friendlist (The Aimbot will ignore the people on the friendlist)
Aim Style (Distance / Crosshair)
NoSpread ( [Shaky spread prediction] Compensates the bullet spread )
Visibility Checks (Check if enemy is visible)
Gun Mods
Visual No-Spread
Bipod Mounting Mod (Allows to mount the Bipod in air)
Make Full Auto (Will allow you to shoot with semi-auto weapons full-auto)
Magic Bullet (Kill through walls)
Spectator Warning (Displays who is currently spectating you in Spectator Mode)
Enable Minimap (Makes every enemy visible on the minimap)
Hitmarker Sound
Draw Healthbar (Shows your health)
AutoSpot (Spot all enemies on the map, you get spot points) [currently disabled]
Crosshair (Draws a crosshair on the screen - helpful in hardcore)
Edit Enemy / Friend list
Edit ESP Colors (Opens up a colour editor for the ESP)





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