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Ballin Hoop

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CSGO 2K20 Cheats

Best CSGO Hacks Features

  • 360 Degree Aimbot
  • The fastest aimbot in the world
  • Smooth Aim helps you look legit
  • Always stay locked onto any target with a press of the button
  • Changes target automatically on the fly
  • Set max distance for target lock-on ability
  • Setup and activate aim bones
  • Visibility checks to hit visible users
  • Super penetration to lock on and kill behind things
  • Smart targeting to find the enemy fast

Glowing ESP

  • Use ESP to always see the enemy at all times on the map
  • Names displayed above each enemy
  • Distance notifications to see how far away people are from you


  • Boxes (2D and 3D)
  • Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

2D Radar

  • Shows all players
  • Configurable Colors, Zoom/Scale Factor & Position


  • Cross Configurable Color, Size +Structure

Player Hacks

  • Glowing Chams
  • See All Wallhack
  • Brighter Player Models on Maps
  • Configure for Enemy or Team Players

Game Removals

  • No Recoil so guns don’t move up when fired
  • No Spread so all bullets hit dead center
  • Turn off Fog, Smoke, and Flash

Fully Auto Modes

  • Automatic Firing: Lock onto the enemy and the bot fires for you
  • Trigger Bot: Move over any enemy with the crosshair and the gun fires.

Player Warnings

  • See when a player is close to you on screen
  • Configure the distance of the warning screen
  • Aim warnings to see when the enemy aims at you
  • Setup for the visible and not visible enemy

Friend Lists

  • Enter Friends names so the bot won’t target them in any round

Bonus Goodies

  • Overwatch Safe CS:GO Cheat (Code helps you look legit)
  • Anti Spawn, so you can’t be killed when you spawn
  • Name Stealer to steal players name
  • The IWC undetected cheat code to keep you from being banned
  • Cheat updates in minutes not days

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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