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  1. Valorant Spoofer

    Valorant Spoofer
    Valorant Spoofer ONLY Works On All Windows 10 and Windows 11 💖💫💥
    Buy Here



  2. Apex Legends: Storm

    ⚡Apex Legends Storm (Private)⚡
    Software + Spoofer + Cleaner [All In One Menu]
    CPU: Intel + AMD Windows Version: Windows 10 (Excluding 1809 and 1909) USB Aimbot
    Wallcheck Teamcheck Smoothing Aim at Specific Bone FOV Adjustment and Shape Rage
    No Recoil Misc
    Glow Items Glow Players Glow Teamcheck - Different color for teammates Ignore Teammates Visuals (ESP)
    Max Distance Ignore Teammates Bounding Box Tracers Corner Box Filled Box Skeleton Head Hitbox Health Shield  
    Spoofer + Cleaner
    Unlock All Spoofing Features (No PC Reset, 100% Work)




  3. Dead By Daylight - God Eye

    [God Eye Dead By Daylight Hack]
     Make sure to check the status before purchasing
    CPU: Intel + AMD Winver: Windows 10 All Versions Survivor ESP
    Active Health Distance Killer ESP 
    Active Distance Hatch ESP
    Active Status Distance Breakable Wall ESP
    Active Distance Totem ESP
    Active Distance Generator ESP
    Active Repair % Distance Trap ESP 
    Active  Distance  Window ESP 
    Active Ignore Distant  Distance Pallet ESP
    Active Ignore Distant  Distance Chest ESP
    Active Only Closed  Distance Exit ESP 
    Active  Distance Misc
    Auto skill Checks No Knock Buy Here



  4. Elden Ring Exclusive

    Unavailable Now
    Under Maintenance!



  5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Exclusive

    [Blood Hunt Exclusive]
    CPU & GPU INTEL and AMD Winver: Windows 10 and Above Aimbot:
    Aim Head Aim Player's Body Lock Head Magic Bullets Show Blood NPC Aimbot Range (Adjustable) ESP:
    Show Box Show Bones Show Player Buy Here



  6. The Cycle Frontier Exclusive

    The Cycle Frontier Exclusive Menu
    Make sure to check the Status before purchasing
    CPU: Intel Only Winver: Windows 10 CHARACTER ESP
    Highly configurable! Death check Team/friendly check Bones Distance Visibility checks LOOT ESP
    Highly configurable! Distance Type Rarity AIMBOT
    Highly configurable! Good prediction Visibility checks Bones Smart bone selection (can aim at the nearest visible bone if preferred bone not visible) Humanized smoothing Lock target FOV Multiple aimkey configurations Hardware emulated mouse aimbot (very safe!) SILENT AIM!! MISC
    NPC: draw a line when an npc targets you. Weapon: no recoil Weapon: No Spread RADAR SCREENSHOT CLEANER No risk of screenshot based bans!



  7. Updated

  8. Splitgate - God Eye

    Splitgate Hacks & Cheats 
    You want Splitgate hacks that aren't detected, and you can seamlessly use them for months, right? At BH,  our Splitgate hacks are running hassle-free from the start.
    But at BH,  we offer more than just undetected hacks. Here's everything you need to know about us before buying Splitgate hacks and cheats.
    Why BH Sets The Industry Standards For Splitgate Hacks and Cheats
    Undetected Splitgate Hacks
    Our Splitgate Hacks remain undetected, and it is for a good reason. We only work with an in-house team of developers with years of experience behind them. They don't just create the hacks but also test and try them for weeks before releasing them to the public.
    Not just that, they are also responsible for monitoring them round the clock and updating them to keep them hidden from the prying eyes of the anti-cheat systems.
    A Regularly Updated Status Page
    Since the hacks are monitored around the clock, any detected hack is marked as 'Detected' on the Status page. How quickly? Well, usually within hours. This ensures other users do not download or use the hack and end up with a permanent ban.
    You'll also know if any hack is undergoing an update and if it is safe for you to use the hack or not at the time.
    Splitegate hacks and 24*7 Chat Support
    Need help? Our dedicated customer support is at your service 24*7 and will answer pretty much any questions you have.
    Yes, whether you want to know how to use hacks, refunds, have trouble with payments via cards, etc., our support team ensures your problems get resolved within minutes. Unlike others, you don't need to create an account to access the chat, so even pre-sale questions are welcome.
    But before you hit us up, feel free to check out the FAQ section, where we cover most of the common problems new users face regarding the downloader and the hacks. It offers solutions even quicker than the chat.
    There's also a Discord channel where you receive constant updates about the hacks and the site, so don't forget to join discord.
    Get the Best Splitgate Hacks and Be Part of a 100k+ Member Community
    When you sign up and buy hacks and cheats from ballin hoop you become part of a large gaming community. 100K+ large, to be precise. 
    This makes the forum one of the best places to ask questions related to the hacks or even games or consoles. Not just that, you can also chat and form teams with like-minded gamers. 
    Admins are also part of the community and will be happy to answer Ballin Hoop related questions for you.
    Using Splitgate Hacks
    Mastering their controls and the features on Splitgate will take years and chances are by the time you get there losing would have fatigued you already. The good news though is that the good folks at Ballin Hoop created useful cheats and hacks to help make your gaming experience quite easy. You might be asking for a reason why you need cheats to enjoy Splitgate, well we will give you three, and here they are. 
    They Are Easy To Use And Customizable
    Most hacks for other games tend to be a bit complex. They require a lot of technical tinkering to get them up and running, which is not the case with BH hacks. Rather with hacks all you have to do is follow a simple short guide and within minutes you are good to go.
    They Are Undetectable
    Most hacks for other games tend to be a bit complex. They require a lot of technical tinkering to get them up and running, which is not the case with BH hacks. Rather with BH hacks all you have to do is follow a simple short guide and within minutes you are good to go.
    Not every player is the same. The fact that our hacks can be accessed separately means you can get about that easily fits you. If you struggle with aiming for instance you can`t get yourself the Aimbot. Or if you want to keep tabs on other players you might need the radar hack. That’s not all there are more and a hack for everyone we will get to that a bit later on.
    Presenting the Best Splitgate Cheats
    There are dozens of Splitgate hacks available on Ballin Hoop. The best part is that all of them give you a greater pedigree in the game and a better chance of conquering the Splitgate gaming scene. Here are some of the best hacks available. 
    Rapid Fire Hack 
    This is one of the most amazing Splitgate cheats available. We have highlighted that the game has players that are let us just say supergood with the weapons. This means even if you get to a face-to-face confrontation, your chances of winning are quite limited. 
    The Rapid-Fire hack deals with that effectively. The hack makes sure you should early twice as fast as a normal shooter. This means you have a faster shot rate and if you are using an Aimbot with the Rapid-Fire hack you become invincible. The hack allows you to kill enemies faster and increases your chances of accumulating the winning points in the shortest period possible. 
    Magic Bullet Hack
    If you think the ESP, see-through walls feature is great then the Magic Bullet hack will certainly blow your mind. The Magic Bullet hack allows your bullets to protrude and go through walls. Yes, we mean that in the literal sense. 
    You can shoot at enemies that are behind a wall. The Magic Bullet hack works with all weapons in the game. Which means you do not need to spend extra on artillery. This jack is a must-have especially if you already using ESP. Imagine being able to knock out opponents that are in another room. You do not have to imagine; the Magic Bullet hack lets you do that. 
    Splitgate Aimbot
    Splitgate s first-person shooter game. Aiming and shooting are essential skills. You need to be good at both and these skills may take years for you to develop. With the Splitgate Aimbot, you get that in an instant. The Aimbot locks in a target as soon as an opponent comes with a high view, this means you do not have to struggle with your target mark. All you have to do is shoot and you are assured of points and most importantly survival. Our Splitgate Aimbot uses the same algorithm as our Warzone Hacks. Under this, it is very accurate and easy to use during your game.
    The Splitgate Aimbot has also another amazing feature. It shows whether an opponent is in shooting range. This means you won`t have to waste amour on opponents that are out of range.
    I Hate Bots Hack 
    This is one of the most useful tools that you need to elevate your Splitgate experience. In some instances, sit comes as part of the Aimbot but for other Aimbots you might need to get it separately. 
    The I Hate Bots hack allows you to aim and shoot at bots using the Ambot. Random aiming can get quite tedious especially with your teammates. This hack makes sure that there are not aiming errors and that you get the best gaming experience. If you have played Splitgate before you know that Bots can get quite annoying they may make it virtually impossible for you to win. You need this hack!
    Splitgate ESP
    Every shooter game requires you to be very perceptive. Perception is everything and that is what exactly the Extra Sensory Perception hack gives you. If you thought the Splitgate Aimbot was cool the ESP hack will certainly blow you away. 
    The ESP hack allows you to see through walls. This means that you can easily detect enemies and counter their attacks with a lot of hard work. Are you ever going to lose with this hack? It is very unlikely. The ESP hack besides allowing you to see through barriers also gives you warnings when enemies are within range. The hack can easily 



  9. Test Applications For EFT and Apex

    This is a test application for EFT and Apex Menu, to test if your pc device(s) is capable running this tool



  10. Scum- God Eye

    SCUM Hacks and Cheats
    With ESP and Aimbot
    We take pride in having the safest SCUM Hacks that have ever been released to the public. 
    The SCUM Hacks in our store has all the features you have been looking for. 

    4 reasons why our Scum Cheats are better than others:
    (Please read this!)
    1. Your access (7 days or 30 days) starts when you have activated your license key and the hack is up running on your PC. NOT from the time you buy the hack. This is to ensure that no customer will lose time if problems occur when they inject the hack for the first time.
    2. Unlike other providers, we do offer support every time needed! We simply wanna help you get started successfully, so we can be sure to keep you as a happy customer.
    3. We provide the industry's safest hacks, period. We've experienced very few detections and when it happens, we manage to warn our users ahead of time, so they avoid bans. We manage to do this through our daily stress testing and automatic system in case of detections. Furthermore, we update our status page several times per day.
    4. We are not just another provider looking to make a quick buck. Because let's be honest. The game hack industry is full of crappy providers. Crappy providers with zero coding experience who simply hired the cheapest third-world programmer they were able to find on Freelancer.com (no offense). Due to the lack of communication, skills, professionalism, and ambitions, those providers only succeed in exactly what they intended to: To simply make a quick buck by abusing their customer's trust.



  11. ARK: Survival Evolved

    Unavailable Now
    Under Maintenance!



  12. BattleField V Exclusive Version

    Support Windows Version 8-11 Disc
    Check Status Before Purchase




  13. BloodHunt - Titanic

    ⚡BloodHunt - Titanic⚡
    Unlock All! Aimbot + ESP+ WallHacks + Magic Bullets+ Visuals
    Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC Device Only Setup of your PC and instructions on how to run hack will be provided after purchase. Check our status page before purchasing



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